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Business or Building Owners Commercial Painting Contractor Checklist

Commercial Building painted by John Thomas Painting ContractorsLet’s be frank here, painting your business or commercial building is a big, expensive undertaking and, as such, it deserves to be done right the first time. Based on our years of experience we’ve put together a very useful checklist of things to think about BEFORE you hire your next painting contractor.

Here’s a list things that EVERY business owner should ask the painting contractor that is bidding on painting their business or commercial building.

1. Licenses: no contractor of any type for a job over $1,000 may operate without a license. The State of California has a lot of additional helpful information regarding Licensed Contractors, check here.

2. Bonding: what is a bond? Why does my contractor need one? California licensed contractors are required to have a contractor’s license bond. It’s important to know what bonds do and do not cover. Some bonds are designed to protect you against substandard work that does not meet with local building codes. Bonds do not assure the financial or professional integrity or competency of a contractor. Institutional lenders such as savings and loans, insurance companies or commercial banks generally require licensed contractors to secure bonds for large jobs. Read more about bonding at the California State site.

3. Insurance: Workman’s Comp is a reality in California AND it protects the property owner from a lawsuit arriving from any injury that happens during the course of a job by a contractor WITHOUT Workman’s Comp coverage. The unfortunate reality is that you could be sued owing to the non-compliance of your painter. Your contractor should be happy to show you his Workman’s Comp insurance coverage, he’s paid a lot of money for it.
4. Quality of Materials: get the name brands (Dunn Edwards, Vista, Benjamin Moore) in writing in your contract, sealed cans from the Mfg. We’ve prepared a page known as our 6 Steps to A Successful Paint Job that you may find useful.

5. Samples of Work/Customer Recommendations: we are happy to provide these links to samples of our painting work and testimonials from our painting customers

6. Painting Post Production: What? Never heard of it? Touch up, clean up, owner inspection/customer satisfaction, we don’t leave until you’re happy. Whoever you hire should promise to do the same.

7. Value and Service: the lowest priced job is not always the best job for your business or building. Here is a great list of things to consider from the State of California.

If you have questions regarding any of these steps or would like to communicate via email, phone or facsimile transmission feel free to use the following:


Repainting Commercial Tilt-Up Buildings: The Thomas Painting Contractors method!

Commercial Building painted by John Thomas Painting ContractorsThe most important thing needed to assure a great commercial paint job is a clean surface. This is where we stand apart from many commercial painting contractors in Orange County: our prep work is second to none. In fact we talk about it in our site, refer to Our Approach to Painting and its Six Steps to a Successful Paint Job.

We start off by power-washing the entire building. This removes surface dust, wax, oil, smog, anything that may have collected over the lifetime of the building. It also removes any loose or peeling paint and minimizes the sanding, our next step.

We hand and power sand all areas of transition between built up areas and freshly exposed areas. This insures that the paint goes on in an even, smooth, seamless way that makes it much less likely to be an area where a paint failure may occur in the future.

We prime all raw areas prior to the top coat. This seals the raw areas, smooths the transitions where past paint failures occurred and assures us the best possible adhesion of the top coat.

Preparing the surface prior to painting commercial buildingWe use brush, roll or spray applications of the top coat, which ever is appropriate to the particular needs of the area that we’re painting. Many commercial tilt-up buildings have accent bands of a contrasting color. Some buildings have an area that looks almost specifically designed for the accent band, it seems sectioned off. If your building does not we can use crisp tape lines to create your accent band and give your building a modern, inviting look. The building at right has a three tone approach: two in the the accent band and one more that makes up the paint color of the majority of the wall.

We have expertise in using hoists, in protecting hardscape and landscape from overspray, the ability to interact and cooperate with your neighbors and other contractors to get the job done in a timely fashion.

When the weather gets warm, the sun is shining the need for paint really presents Spray Painting Commercial Building from hoistitself. If your commercial building is in need of a rejuvenating coat of paint then call Thomas Painting Contractors at 714-968-5692. Let us get your quote started and your Orange County based business on its way to looking its best.

If you’d like to submit a quote request by email you may use our online painting quote form here .

Paint Fumes an Aphrodisiac!

Scientists have just proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that paint fumes are the ONE AND ONLY known and proven aphrodisiac! A recent double-blind study in the New England Journal of Medicine compared the effectiveness of getting your house painted in designer colors versus diamonds, furs, new cars and a shopping trip to Saks 5th Avenue.

“Believe me, we were as suprised as anybody! Who knew that just getting house repainted could have such a salutary effect on the average husband’s sex life?”, said Dr. Sanjay Homanahomana of John Hopkins University.

“We believe that this is just a reinforcement of research being done recently on the association of smell and sexual attraction.” added Dr. Homanahomana.

Guys, if you’re married you know that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, that’s February 14th. Do yourself a favor and get your Thomas Painting Contractors Gift Certificate today by calling 714-968-5692.