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September 2015 Tip – Protecting carpets while painting

Here’s how it always goes for me. I am painting a wall in a room with carpet. If I get lazy and Just put my drop doth up to the edge of the wall, while I’m painting and moving about the drop cloth gets pulled back exposing carpet. That’s exactly where the paint drips, spills or a mess happens The way around this is, before you start, to run a line of wide masking tape on the carpet at the edge of the wall. This works OK if you have an extra hour and your back and knees are good.

I’ve found a solution to this problem like a lot: Surface Shield Quick Shield self adhesive film. This is a 9 inch wide roll of self adhesive film and an applicator akin to a paint roller. Simply roll out the film on the carpet. It fits tight to the wall, floor edge and the applicator has an extendable handle which my back loves. This works really great on large rooms where taping is a nightmare. It’s availĀ· able at Amazon and paint stores.


Employee Development Pays Longterm Dividends

I have had the pleasure of working with a great group of guys over the years. I have found that treating people fairly helps you develop a stable and capable crew that you can depend on. Every once in a while I’ll get something like this that is just above and beyond and all I can do is be thankful to have had the opportunity.

Commercial Painting: the Kimberly Clark Corporation Warehouse

This job started with a request to repaint the guard shack at the front of their facility. The surface was covered with things that had to be worked and painted around including truck traffic. Our success on that project lead them to give us the other 2 interior projects dealing with the yellow curbs and safety red stop signs.

Safety yellow is essential in the Battery Bay at Kimberly Clark where they move around one-ton batteries every day.

All curbs, travel lines and bumpers in the warehouse are marked with a bright safety yellow. All traffic indicators are marked with a bright safety red and highly visible black lettering for forklift traffic.

The black was used to minimize tire pickup from the forklift traffic.

This paint is a super durable relatively fast drying water-based epoxy better known as traffic paint that we use in these commercial and warehouse painting jobs.

You can see that our experienced commercial painting crew is outfitted with safety yellow vest, hard hats, safety glasses, steel toed work boots, ear plugs, knife resistant gloves and tucked in shirts. All of our equipment and supplies are ferried with our own wheeled equipment carts to minimized traffic and interference with the work around us that continues unabated.

If you have a worldwide business and warehouse traffic striping is a priority for you and need a commercial painting contractor who can perform at the highest level please contact John Thomas Painting at 714-343-6132 or use our handy painting quote form.

August 2013 Painting Tips – SUPER QUICK PRIMER

kilz-original-primer-sealer-stainblocker-sprayMy crew and I are never without a few cans of Kilz spray primer. This Stuff is great for small last minute jobs. It holds back stains, water marks, marker and tannin stains and it dries quickly.

Kilz lets you patch a hole, texture that patch, prime and paint it all in a day Plus it flashes (that is it won’t leave a flat look over freshly patched areas covered with semi-gloss paint).

Here’s a handy example: You accidentally knock a chair against your newly painted kitchen wall and you have knocked out a quarter size dent – all the way down to the plaster. Take some patching compound and fill the hole. Let it dry and sand it smooth.

Get a sheet of newspaper and tear a hole in it a little bigger than your patch – tape the sheet to the wall leaving the hole in the paper over the patch. Spray Kilz on the patch with the newspaper as a mask. In 20 minutes take a small roller and your left over paint and it’s done.

You’ll be the only one able to find that patch job.