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August 2013 Painting Tips – SUPER QUICK PRIMER

kilz-original-primer-sealer-stainblocker-sprayMy crew and I are never without a few cans of Kilz spray primer. This Stuff is great for small last minute jobs. It holds back stains, water marks, marker and tannin stains and it dries quickly.

Kilz lets you patch a hole, texture that patch, prime and paint it all in a day Plus it flashes (that is it won’t leave a flat look over freshly patched areas covered with semi-gloss paint).

Here’s a handy example: You accidentally knock a chair against your newly painted kitchen wall and you have knocked out a quarter size dent – all the way down to the plaster. Take some patching compound and fill the hole. Let it dry and sand it smooth.

Get a sheet of newspaper and tear a hole in it a little bigger than your patch – tape the sheet to the wall leaving the hole in the paper over the patch. Spray Kilz on the patch with the newspaper as a mask. In 20 minutes take a small roller and your left over paint and it’s done.

You’ll be the only one able to find that patch job.

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