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September, 2015:

September 2015 Tip – Protecting carpets while painting

Here’s how it always goes for me. I am painting a wall in a room with carpet. If I get lazy and Just put my drop doth up to the edge of the wall, while I’m painting and moving about the drop cloth gets pulled back exposing carpet. That’s exactly where the paint drips, spills or a mess happens The way around this is, before you start, to run a line of wide masking tape on the carpet at the edge of the wall. This works OK if you have an extra hour and your back and knees are good.

I’ve found a solution to this problem like a lot: Surface Shield Quick Shield self adhesive film. This is a 9 inch wide roll of self adhesive film and an applicator akin to a paint roller. Simply roll out the film on the carpet. It fits tight to the wall, floor edge and the applicator has an extendable handle which my back loves. This works really great on large rooms where taping is a nightmare. It’s availĀ· able at Amazon and paint stores.